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Is Bondora giving away your money?

Posted 25th March 2016 By Taavi

NB! Bondora has released some additional details in regards to the process. Last updated 26.03.2016 8 AM. Relevant sections have been marked accordingly. Since the information available is far from complete, any comments on possible misunderstandings or mistakes in the post below are more than welcome and I’ll gladly improve on the analysis accordingly. IN SHORT […]

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Bondora default curves per year and Rating

Posted 13th March 2016 By Taavi

In the comments of a previous post Jan asked if I’ve done any analyses on the timing of when defaults happen on Bondora. I did one back in October of 2014, but that could be relatively outdated and there’s a lot of new data available today. After some consideration and after reading a similar analysis on […]

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