16 tactics and strategies for P2P-lending

Few months ago I got this idea of putting together a Reference Guide of different tactics and strategies that investors can use with their P2P-lending investments.

I have been working on this as a side project every now and then and the outcome is an overview of 16 strategies and tactics or different styles of investing based on the possibilities available at Bondora.

The Reference Guide is a 26 page e-book with a section with the estimated skill-level and time consumption for each of the strategies. Additionally it includes a short description of what this strategy is and the pros and cons associated with that strategy.

The main goal of the reference guide is to show what strategies and tactics are possible and used by other investors and which one(s) may fit your investment style the best.

To help you choose the strategy that suits you best, I have created a decision tree below (design by ABGraphics) which I hope will aid you in finding your path.

16 tactics and strategies for P2P-lending investments at BondoraAlthough the Reference Guide is put together mainly based on the opportunities available at Bondora, a large portion of the strategies and tactics can be and are already utilized in other P2P and P2B-lending platforms.

By Taavi

Taavi has been investing into P2P-lending platforms since 2010.

2 replies on “16 tactics and strategies for P2P-lending”

No. This would be impossible, as this depends on who and how is implementing these and what the situation on the market currently is.

Some of them don’t even make sense in certain situations and will likely end up losing you money, but in other situations can be a goldmine.

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