When do most defaults happen at Bondora?

Knowing when the majority of the loans default, can give you a good idea on how well your portfolio or some portion of the platform portfolio is performing. In addition, if you know what proportion of loans default in a 6-month period after issuing and that the proportions have been relatively stable over time, you […]


Bondora timeline of changes and returns

There have been a large amount of changes at Bondora over time and I bet no-one really remembers all of them and when they happened. Of course, knowing most of them won’t give you any actionable value (although might be cool to know anyway), but some of it is relevant when doing your analyses on […]


RahaFoorum now also available in English

After several requests to post some of my blogs posts in English, I have decided to have a go at it and create at least some posts in English also. I would have suggested using Google Translate, but unfortunately it seems that it doesn’t really know how to translate Estonian that well. The main topic […]