RahaFoorum now also available in English

After several requests to post some of my blogs posts in English, I have decided to have a go at it and create at least some posts in English also. I would have suggested using Google Translate, but unfortunately it seems that it doesn’t really know how to translate Estonian that well.

The main topic on the English site will be about investing at Bondora¬†and topics related to this and if I at some point decide to invest into some other P2P site, then I’ll start covering that also.

Currently the schedule will be rather chaotic and random so please subscribe to the RSS feed or follow the blog to receive any updates.

Hopefully I’ll be able to provide some additional value to the international readers here and if you’re willing to take your chances with Google Translate or if you’re an Estonian who speaks fluent English, perhaps you can go and teach Google Translate how to translate some of my Estonian posts in my blog.

By Taavi

Taavi has been investing into P2P-lending platforms since 2010.

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